Pub Theology Panel: Serving the Homeless & Working Poor During The Pandemic with Megan Legacy and other community leaders.

Pub Theology Online Panel: SATX”Serving the Homeless & Working Poor During Pandemic”.
Co Hosts: Megan Legacy, SA Hope Center & Pastor Gavin Rogers.
Panel: Katie Vela, @SARAH – South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless; Mark Stoeltje, Corazon Ministries; Juliana Barnes, Veteran Supportive Services Case Manager for Endeavors San Antonio; and Veteran John Anderson! Happy Veterans Day John!

Pub Theology is a weekly interfaith dialogue group that talks about faith, our community and creating the common good.

About Megan & SA Hope Center:
Megan Legacy is the CEO of the SA Hope Center. The SA Hope Center is a non-profit whose mission is to love people well by empowering them to meet their needs. Born and raised in Colorado, she began her career in Washington, DC, where she worked for the US Senate and then later for a government relations firm. In 2009, Megan moved to San Antonio and worked for three years as the Development Director for Haven for Hope, one of the country’s largest homeless organizations in the US. Megan has been with the SA Hope Center since 2012.

The SA Hope Center’s mission is to love people well by empowering them to meet their own needs. The SA Hope Center helps individuals and families break the cycle of poverty by addressing their individual barriers and helping them achieve their own goals by building on their strengths. Services include mentoring (case management), job readiness, health and wellness classes, senior services, financial literacy, nutrition, AA, parenting classes, anger management, client-choice food pantry, parenting classes, clothing, pastoral counseling, adult spiritual services, and more!

About Katie and SARAH:
Katie Vela, San Antonio native and dedicated nonprofit leader, has served as a director at SARAH since its inception as a standalone agency in 2015. Vela has vast knowledge and experience working across complex systems with diverse stakeholders to enact systems change. Serving as the Director of Operations has prepared Vela to transition into this role, as SARAH continues to grow and expand its impact on our community.

In 2015, the South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH) was designated as the lead Continuum of Care (CoC) agency for San Antonio and Bexar County. The SARAH alliance of service providers, board of directors, and people with lived experience of homelessness guide community-wide planning efforts, strategically allocate resources and drive change to provide supportive housing to all. Our goal is to ensure everyone has a place to call home.

About Corazon Ministries:
Mark Stoeltje is the new Executive Director for Corazon Ministries. Before coming to Corazon, Mark was the Founder and Executive Director of the SA Clubhouse.Founded in 1999, Corazon Ministries, Inc. (C.M.I.) operates in the heart of downtown San Antonio at Travis Park Church serving our homeless and marginalized neighbors by providing hot meals four times per week, clothing, warm showers, hygiene items, access to primary medical care, optometry and dermatology care, barber haircuts, art therapy, recovery and prayer groups, and Bible study. We serve over 27,000 hot, nutritious meals per year and rely on over 75 enthusiastic volunteers each week to provide unconditional love and life-giving support to our neighbors.

About Endeavors:
Juliana Barnes is the Veteran Supportive Services Case Manager at Endeavors San Antonio. Endeavors® is a San Antonio nonprofit that connects vulnerable populations to a wide range of helpful services. Endeavors passionately serves vulnerable people in crisis through our innovative, personalized approach.

Endeavors seeks to provide comprehensive, effective, and innovative services that encourage growth, allowing people to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Why? Because we believe that everyone holds the capacity to grow, heal, change, succeed, and affect others positively. Endeavors restores dignity and improves the quality of life for the vulnerable people we serve through the benefits of our programs. Endeavors seeks to unify families and communities torn apart by poverty, unemployment, or neglect by providing real, practical solutions and a path to earned income. Endeavors does this through a wide array of programs and services supporting children, families, veterans and those struggling with mental illness and other significant disabilities.