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Love God.  Love People.

Rev. Gavin Rogers is the Executive Director of Corazon San Antonio, a local non profit for the unhoused and marginalized. He also serves as the Associate Pastor at Travis Park Church in downtown San Antonio. He is the founder of the interfaith community group Pub Theology San Antonio. He is a native Texan and is a graduate of The Divinity School at Duke University and Baylor University. In 2013, he was selected as the Outstanding Young San Antonian of the Year for his work of solidarity with the homeless when he lived on the streets of San Antonio for Lent. This award has been given to one San Antonian each year since 1931. In 2018, Gavin traveled with the migrant caravan to better understand the immigration issue and learn the personal stories of migrants. His work can be found on CNN, NPR, Fox News, San Antonio Report, MySA.com, and the San Antonio Express News. Gavin’s mission is to practice the love of God and engage the community to seek unconditional love and justice in action to all of our neighbors.

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2 thoughts on “About Gavin

  1. Gavin,
    I read the article in today’s Express-News. Quite awesome! I need your help and advice. I have met a young man who is on the streets /Haven for Hope/Salvation Army. He is a great young man but is a lost soul and needs help. God has sent you to me for him. Can you please contact me ASAP. I am a middle school teacher–so I am free during the day. I live at 1604 and Huebner. Maybe we can get together to come up with a game plan for Mike!!! Thanks for all you do.
    Rob Lewis

  2. Ali Berry

    Gavin, Your daily reflection gives me the hope I need to be a servant of my father I call GOD. I was saved and was blessed to turn my will and power over to a God who is understanding. I am putting a celebration to finding a river to be baptized for the first time in my life. I came from homelessness and drug abuse. Today I’m a child of GOD and I’m living this wonderful life we’re I can share my experience strength and hope. Today I get to give back and be there for my community as well. I’ve been reading your post and it always gets me fired up to share the word by my kindness and non judgment of were others are at in there life. Change is possible I am proof. Thank you for showing a example of God’s helper. I’m shooting to be an example of God’s love as well in my life. You help me see it done. Thank you have a great day
    Hope this wasn’t to much
    Allison Berry your #1 follower

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